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Christopher Curran is a college planning expert who helps parents and students understand and navigate the confusing and often frustrating process of selecting, applying and paying for college.

Over 20 years ago, he began a career advising families on general financial matters. Before long, he realized that most parents’ overriding concern was how they would send their children to college, while still saving for retirement. With two children of his own, set to be future college students and clients who needed this specific kind of help, Curran began his 15-year educational journey into the convoluted world of college funding and financial aid.

Before long Curran realized that the financial industry was far too focused on ways to invest money for college and not enough on strategies for reducing the ultimate cost. Addressing this issue became his mission and thus the reason for writing this book.

The information in this book comes from firsthand experience, both with the families Curran has helped through their trials of college finance, as well as his own personal experiences. Curran’s daughter is currently a junior in college and his 17-year-old son is working through the exact step-by-step process examined in this book.

Curran also shares his knowledge as a frequent guest speaker at high schools and community groups. His workshops have helped thousands of families over the past 10 years.

College Funding Secrets creates a clear path through the jungle that is college financial planning. Each chapter gives you a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of college planning and teaches you how to avoid the biggest pitfalls along the way.

The four main objectives of this book are:

Learning the rules of the Financial Aid System
Avoiding common mistakes that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars
Selecting the right schools to fit your budget
Exploring the options available to pay the tuition

Tucked between these main objectives are college funding secrets about how to get schools to compete for your student, how to receive the maximum amount of money for your student from the schools, the different types of aid you can take advantage of and more.

To easily reference back to the vast wealth of information, you will find a small Take Away section at the end of each chapter that recaps the subject matter.

By reading this book, not only will you learn how to avoid overspending thousands of dollars, but you will also reduce stress levels significantly.

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